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What exactly happens with our bodies around ovulation? What do we need to look out for and be conscious of in our cycle?

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If you live in the US, federal regulations allow a certain level of heavy metals in the pigments of makeup products. As a woman, ovulation is a beautiful time to be in.

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Action Steps: Clean up your makeup bag, and do it systematically. Make sure that you are using an all-natural deodorant. Consider free bleeding during your period. Well you may know about some which regularly advertise on televisions or social media but there are many top condom brands in India selling online.

If you feel shy buying from your local medicine shop then try online, buy condoms online in India from top shopping websites like Amazon and Flipkart. Bonus : Click here to check out top selling condoms online on Amazon India. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Additional menu. How to use Condom? Last updated on July 26th, at pm In India, people often feel shy when the conversation is sex-related.

Cody Alt: How to Gain an Edge in the Cannabis Industry

There are both male and female condoms. Contraception was the main reason for condom invention. There are two primary uses of Condom: Birth Control It is use to reduce the chances of getting pregnant pregnancy during lovemaking.

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  • Condom effectiveness A condom is safe to use. Side effects of Condom There is only one major side effect of a condom and that is skin irritation caused by latex, happens to people who have a latex allergy. Irritation occurs due to the presence of spermicides. Well then have a look!

    Latex Most condoms are made up of latex that is extracted from rubber.

    Non-latex Non-latex ones are made from polyurethane. Lambskin As the name suggests, they are made from lamb intestine not skin. Spermicidal They made from latex only but has nonoxynol-9, a spermicidal chemical as a lubricant. Female condoms Designed for the female this is not so protective can lead to pregnancy out of female who uses them. One benefit is that it can be during the menstrual cycle.

    One can also wear it up to 8 hours before sex. Lubricated condoms Normal condoms are lubricated with a special chemical mainly water-based solution to make sex more smooth and enjoyable and less painful. Ultra-thin These are less thick than those are available. Glow in the dark condoms They practically glow nothing else they fall under novelty.

    These condoms need to be kept in light for approx 30 seconds for them to glow Flavored condoms Same as latex but it has a flavored coating like chocolate, banana, strawberries, etc. Pleasure-shaped As you can get an idea from the name itself they are of different shapes.

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    Edible condoms These are actually adult novelty product. Women can eat them later on. So, I decided to include this in my article although it is not related to my blog topic by far.